Creamy Tex-Mex Green Dip

Whether you’re a Tex-Mex junkie or just a casual fan, chances are you can’t help but to drool when the server brings out a big basket of warm chips, salsa, and green dip. Honestly, some days, I can barely eat my meal because of all of the chips and dip I’ve pigged out on. In […]


Chicken and Roasted Poblano Pepper Soup

I really love it when the weather turns cool. I have to wait a while because I’m so far south, but it’s worth it. The cool weather makes soup so much more enjoyable to me. I love making hearty soups, chili, and big pots of beans accompanied by mountains of warm, buttery cornbread. Excuse me […]

Pumpkin Walnut Cloud Cake

It is that time of year. The cool, crisp air and turning leaves make me crave cinnamon and pumpkin, hot apple cider, and cranberries. I love November! I enjoy Thanksgiving for so many reasons. I think it is a wonderful American tradition that helps us focus on our blessings. As we travel to be with […]

pumpkin cloud cake FI

taco soup FI

Tasty Taco Soup

I really love cooler weather because to me, it’s soup weather. When the weather is hot, I want cool, light meals. But as soon as a chill hits the air, I dig out my crock pot and big soup pots and start cooking. My husband calls this his favorite soup that I make. But wait. […]

Weekday Rescue Meal: Beefy Spanish Rice

Some days I feel like making a 5 course gourmet meal. Other days, I just wish I lived close enough to town to get delivery. Last night was one of those nights. I was so tired. So working with the ingredients I had on hand, one pot, and a hungry bunch of fellows, here is […]

beefy spanish rice

Mango Chicken Curry with Coconut Rice and Curried Corn

I just love it when mangos are in season. I used to think that I didn’t like mangos, but I had gotten a taste of one that wasn’t fully ripe. A ripe mango should be slightly soft to the touch. So find a good one and get ready to cook. My family loved this meal. […]

The BEST Chicken Fried Steak You’ll Ever Eat!

So my husband gets home yesterday from a long 12 hour shift, and I ask him, “Honey, do you want chicken fried steak or Chicken and Wild Rice soup for supper?” He thinks for about 5 seconds and says, “Both!” LOL I had to ask… So I got to work! Now you may ask yourself, […]

cf steak

Eat and Freeze Creamy Macaroni and Cheese

I consider myself an expert in this area. I have a total weakness for macaroni and cheese. It started out as a kid with the “blue box” and progressed from there. When I began cooking for myself, I experimented with all kinds of recipes. Honestly, my high school cafeteria made excellent mac n cheese! It […]

Spaghetti a la Carbonara

What a quick, simple, satisfying meal! If you like bacon and eggs, you’ll love this rustic pasta dish. There are no tomatoes involved but you won’t miss them. My oldest son wanted breakfast for supper the other night, but I just wasn’t in the mood for it. So as I was getting bacon and eggs […]

Quick and Delicious Black Beans

It was Cinco de Mayo, and because I’m a Texan and I love Mexican food, it’s always an easy excuse for me to cook up something special on May 5th. This year, rather than falling back to my Tex-Mex favorites, I got out a cookbook that is new to my shelves although it has been […]