The Rich History of the NBA

The NBA has a rich history of players. It has provided a lot of great entertainment for viewers. There have been many stars and great players that have inspired many people to pursue their dreams. When many people think of NBA players, they often think of Lebron James, who has proven himself to not only be a skilled and charismatic player, but also one with integrity. This is what people need when it comes to sports stars. The NBA has proven to be almost as entertaining as the NFL. There are plenty of aspects that go into making the NBA entertaining.

In order to be an NBA star, one must do a lot more than win games. For one thing, people look at their NBA players for more than the plays they pull off, they also look at the personal life of NBA players. NBA players often have to make appearances and be spokesmen for different products, organizations and programs that are created for the sole purpose of improving the lives of people. NBA stars are often looked to as role models for people of all walks of life.

Another aspect of the NBA is the ownership of the team. The ownership does have an influence over how well the team plays. The owners have an influence over the worth of the team as well. When a team does well in the NBA, their worth rises. The owners will eventually be able to sell their teams for huge profits. It is then up to the next owners to continue building up the value of the team.

One owner to look at is Bruce Levenson. Levenson used to own the Atlanta Hawks and has recently sold the team for a little under $1 billion. Even though the team sold for a little less than Levenson on prnewswire believed it would sell, it has still proven to be profitable. Part of the issue for the lower than expected sales is that it was probably oversold. If a lower price was expected, then more people might have been encouraged to bid.

Even under new ownership, the Atlanta Hawks are still going to win big. The NBA will still provide a lot of entertainment and inspiration for fans and casual viewers alike. There will always be some new stars that come in and electrify the audience with their performance.

OrganoGold Plans to Promote Healthy Coffee Consumption in Turkey

According to an article that was published on the PR Newswire website, coffee drinkers in Turkey will be happy to know that OrganoGold will be opening a branch location in the beautiful country that straddles Asia and Europe. The expansion of the Vancouver-based business into Turkey is a logical move considering that Turkey has a heavy population of coffee drinkers. Actually, here is a small history lesson, Turkey was the first recorded nation to open a coffee shop in the 15th century.

The expansion of OrganoGold into Turkey signifies the growth of the company into the Asian and European sector. The Turkish branch will be the 35th country that OrganoGold will call home, and it will signify a valuable outlet in the company’s vast distribution network.

The founder and CEO of OrganoGold, Bernardo Chua, could not have picked a better time to offer his product line in Turkey, for the Turkish population is becoming more health conscious about the food that they eat, and the population is becoming more health conscious about their favorite caffeinated drink – coffee.

Mr. Chua’s products are world-renowned for providing a healthy option for coffee lovers. For instance, the main ingredient in OrganoGold is Ganoderma, which is a tropical mushroom that is used heavily in Asian medicines. For example, in Chinese culture Ganoderma is regarded as the highest-ranking herb. Chinese medicine practitioners claim that consistent intake of Ganoderma is associated with longevity, vitality and the strengthening of the human body and metabolic processes.

Bernardo Chua is revered worldwide for being more than a coffee mogul. The global community has embraced Mr. Chua as an advocate for promoting a healthy lifestyle through sound dietary practices. He spearheaded a successful campaign to introduce the world to the Ganoderma mushroom, which resulted in millions of people from countries like the Philippines, Hong Kong, America, Great Britain, Germany, South Africa, Canada and more consuming the mushroom.

Now that Turkey is one of the countries that has direct access to OrganoGold, Turkish residents will have the opportunity to indulge in a wide range of beverages offered by the company, such as Black Coffee, Gourmet Hot Chocolate, Gourmet Mocha, African Red, Colombian Roast, Gourmet Latte and much more. Residents of Turkey will not only have access to a delicious product line, but they will also be able to enjoy their coffee while promoting good health.

Is Christian Broda Right Again About The U.S. Dollar?

Stock investors in the U.S. are reeling from a week which saw the Nasdaq and NYSE markets get hammered. Global investors have had a literal panic attack in the past few weeks over the prospects for growth in China. Investors who have been in the game for awhile always get nervous when central banks and governments begin to intercede in the markets. This interference removes many of the free market forces that are expected to help matters correct themselves. Government intervention also sends a signal to investors that things might just be much worse that previously imagined.

Now most investors are waiting to see what the Fed is going to do with interest rates. For years, the rate has been kept very low. This has kept things running in many industries, albeit at a slower than usual rate. The Fed has been very reluctant to raise the rate at all for fear it would have a chilling effect on growth. Investors have to place some sort of bet based on the rate move. When it’s announced in the middle of September, it could have a major impact. There’s always a chance that the Fed will do nothing. This has happened many times before. Even that inaction will require careful analysis from the many economists who are studying the topic.

Christian Broda, the famed economist, has been questioning the Fed’s lack of willingness to raise the rates this whole year. In an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal with Stanley Druckenmiller, Broda openly questioned why the Fed was maintaining a zero interest rate environment in a non-emergency environment. Broda, who is a managing director at Duquesne Capital Management, argued that the flood of excess capital was excessive, even for a recovering economy. Druckenmiller and Broda pointed out that the global debt levels have risen to $57 trillion. Broda has been predicting that the dollar would continue to gain strength, but some of his prediction is predicated on the Fed finally moving rates upward.

If Broda is right about the dollar and the Fed, the actions of the central banks become more perplexing. If they’ve been unable to kickstart the economy for almost a decade, why would they need to persist at this stage of the game? Economists around the U.S. now must decide if growth is going to slow much worse than they initially thought. If it is, they will not want to be exposed to major investments in the U.S. equities market. Obviously, many investors have been worried about this during the current week. Their vicious selloff indicates that they’ve lost faith in near-term growth. The Fed may raise rates and spook them more. More will be known by the middle of next month.