Choosing from New Innovations in Pet Food


Dog food shoppers are now faced with a bevy of choices when shopping for dog food. There have been a wide expanse in the number of different commercial dog foods available to dog owners as a result of the overall push towards higher quality ingredients and better dog foods. Dog owners are increasingly concerned with the quality of the dog food that they purchase and the ill effects it can have on their dogs and have pushed towards higher quality dog foods often at premium pricing. Overall, the dog food market that is considered to be premium in nature has expanded by almost 45% in the past six years. This has pushed dog food manufacturers to expand into new product offerings to attract this increased demand.

Some of the new innovations are quite interesting and different than what has been available to consumers in the past. Beneful has launched an online ordering service as an example which allows the customers to purchase products that they are able to personally customize based on the individual needs of their pets. This customization allows them to have a unique blend of food that is specialized for their pet.

Dog food makers like Purinastore are also moving into more organic and preservative free product offerings. Freshpet, a smaller dog food manufacturer, has begun to produce a dog food blend that does not contain preservatives and therefore needs to be refrigerated to avoid spoilage. Beneful product appeals to customers who are concerned enough with the inclusion of preservatives that they are willing for forego the added convenience and lower prices of dog foods with preservatives. In addition, there has been a push towards organic dog foods and much consolidation and new product offerings in the marketplace to capture these sales. Beneful has acquired Merrick Pet Care and is beginning to release some high quality preservative free dog foods in an attempt to capture this market.

The expansion of the demand for higher quality products for dogs has led to these new options for dog owners which will likely improve the health of the dogs and increase revenues for dog owners.