Don’t Let A Few Bad Reviews Derail Your Startup

For startups to succeed, they have to gain consumer’s trust. Most entrepreneurs try very hard to deliver exactly what they’ve promised and go above and beyond with their customer service. It’s the ideal way to build brand loyalty and get current customers to rave about your product on social media. Unfortunately, you can’t please everyone; no matter how hard you try. A few decades ago, this didn’t matter much since the unhappy customers just complained to their friends, while many more consumers happily spread the word about your business and you gained new customers.

Today, however, a single disgruntled customer can quickly tell the world about their dissatisfaction. They can review your product on multiple websites or, if they are really vindictive, they can start a blog and trash your startup. One Internet-savvy hater can cause a lot of damage by attacking your business and your product under multiple names so it looks like you have dozens of unhappy customers.

Never get into an online argument with someone who is maligning your reputation or you will appear unprofessional. Hire a firm like to clean up your company’s search results. They are experts in online reputation management so you don’t have to let harmful reviews and unflattering comments wreck your business.

As an entrepreneur, you should stay focused on running your business. Don’t refute negative comments and reviews, but do apologize if you made a mistake. Learn from constructive comments, but ignore people who seem intent on harming your business. Let and the search cleanup team deal with bad reviews and damaging articles while you continue to build your brand.

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White Shark Media Offering Free AdWords Evaluations And More

What do you do when one of the top digital marketing agencies in the world offers you a free review of your AdWords campaign? This one is easy, you take them up on it.

White Shark Media has managed over thirty six million dollars in advertisement last year alone and they are offering to evaluate your campaign free of charge. This could be the deal of a life time.

Think about it, how much is it worth to have a group of highly skilled professionals review your AdWords campaigns and give you valuable insight? In reality, this service is priceless.

When you have a goal of driving more highly qualified traffic to your website by using AdWords, White Shark Media is ready to help you. They make marketing much easier and by using their free AdWords evaluation you will see much better results.

Regardless of if you are already using AdWords or if you want to start, White Shark Media can help and they will set you up with a free evaluation to get you started quickly and correctly. White Shark Media have taken several steps to make sure that you are getting the best service you can from them.

You can call them and use a direct extension to talk to a live person who will help you manage your campaign and there is also a supervisor who will review that person’s work and make sure that you are getting the best possible treatment.

The way the AdWords evaluations works is that you and a specialist have a time set up to go over everything and you will see his or her computer screen. This makes it easy to follow along with everything they say and do.

One of the problems that people talked about with White Shark Media is the need to have better communication and as a result, White Shark Media takes the time to communicate with their clients, customers and friends using these screen shares and things like monthly conference calls and more.

By making sure everything is explained in greater detail and making sure that questions are getting answered, White Shark Media is taking positive steps to correct past mistakes and keep listening and communicating with customers. This communication is making the whole process much better and helping business people to reach their goals.

White Shark Media might have their lack of communication in the past but, now, they are keeping the lines of communication open and working smart to meet the needs of their customers on all levels.

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George Soros Contends That The European Union Should Provide Assistance To Ukraine

George Soros posits that the economy of the new Ukraine has been adversely affected by the Russian aggression. This situation has seen Ukraine struggle in dealing with its creditors. However, as part of the International Monetary Fund condition, Ukraine has been negotiating with its creditors. In addition, the country has been renegotiating its debts in San Francisco.

It is imperative to note that Ukraine has no recourse to bankruptcy. In Ukraine, there is no chapter 11. This way, it is difficult for the sovereign borrowers to devise an agreement between the borrowers and lenders as well as arbitrate negotiations between these two sides and make decisions over the debts that need to be reorganized. In this situation, Ukraine’s only leverage is to issue a warning regarding its intent to default unless it is provided with debt relief. Soros contends that bondholders must be warning Ukraine that if it defaults in its obligation, no investor would be willing to invest in the country.

It is crucial to note that when a nation and its lenders devise a speedy deal, such a country is able to return to the market within a year or two. A country is not kept out of the markets because of the default but because of the economic problems that resulted in the default. It is for this reason that in 1989, Nicholas Brady unveiled the Brady Plan. Nicholas is the former U.S. Treasury Secretary. The Brady Plan sought to request banks to accept debt relief, especially for countries that are pursuing sensible reforms in Latin America. Brady understood that most investors would not focus much in the past but rather into the future in terms of lending to a nation that has defaulted on its obligations.

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A New Policy to Rescue Ukraine

Sustaining Ukraine’s Breakthrough

George posits that the Ukrainian uprising had positive outcomes. This is because citizens armed with sticks and shields made of metal garbage can lids and cardboard boxes managed to overwhelm a contingent of police force using live ammunition. Soros contends that even though there were many casualties, citizens prevailed in the end. This uprising goes into the history books as one that left a lasting imprint on the collective memory of the society. In answering how such a thing could happen, George Soros asserted that the unpredictability of historical events such as the Ukraine uprising are highly correlated to the aspect of ambiguity in human identity.

People’s identity incorporates the individual elements as well as components of larger units where they belong. Soros argues that individual’s impact on reality is dependent on the elements that dominate one’s behavior. He continues to argue that when civilians launched attacks in Kyiv, on an armed force, their spirit of defending the nation outweighed their concerns regarding individual mortality. The objective of the attacks was to inspire a sense of unity to the divided society that was on a brink of civil war. To this end, Ukrainians have proved their allegiance to the European Union. This unity is dependent on Europe’s response.

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