OSI Food Solutions Creates Food Concepts

Creating a food concept is an intricate process. It requires great attention to detail. It requires innovation. It requires being able to turn an idea into an actual product. Food concept is something OSI Food Solutions knows all too well. For their partners and clients around the world, the food production company creates concepts every single day. From meat to poultry to food, they are responsible for creating concepts, process and ideas that meet the demands of their clients.

Meeting demands is what OSI Food Solutions does. They know the success of their billion dollar company is based on the fact they please customers by creating concepts that involve the production and logistics of food. They work with supermarkets, logistic companies, private label companies and their wide array of acquired smaller brands. Since the 1900s, OSI has been thriving due to its ability to meet the demands of what people wanted. This is their secret to success that too many companies often times overlook or disregard.

Their prominence is largely due to their massive desire to acquire brands that overall allow all of OSI Food Solutions to function more properly. The company began decades ago purchasing other brands. They have purchased private label brands, logistics companies, manufacturing facilities and meat producers. Purchasing other companies in the food sector allows them to explore more money making opportunities. They have a portfolio of brands that come together to form this conglomerate. This entire brand functions as one and has the prominence that stretches from hemisphere to hemisphere.

OSI Food Solutions has deep roots in America. Their origination began during a time when the United States was being flooded by immigrants who were seeking an opportunity to create a better life for themselves. This billion dollar powerhouse was built from the dream and labor of a German immigrant. The company became a family business. The company was built on principles that paid attention to customer service, quality and being on a mission to always expand and grow. Today, this company has not let down its original founder because they still function by his principles he instilled in the company.

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Renowned Legal Expert Sujit Choudhry Talks About Difference Between Free Speech and Hate Speech

After a fatal killing at a rally in Virginia a couple of years ago, there has been a debate over what constitutes hate speech. There are some people who believe that some speech and protests are a part of hate speech. With hate speech, a person or group expresses a negative opinion towards another group and threatens violence against them. Some believe that the recent events that took place at the rally constitute hate speech. However, the protesters and the counter protesters were well within their rights to express their viewpoints as free speech. As a result, the people who attended the rally were not guilty of hate speech.

 Sujit Choudhry is a well known scholar and legal expert in North America. Choudhry has many years of experience comparing legal systems of other nations as well as reviewing their constitutions. During his career, Sujit Choudhry has helped international leaders and government officials find ways to reform their legal system. One of the most significant things that he has done was help national governments devise and draft a modern constitution. This has helped these nations complete much needed legal reform. As a legal expert, Choudhry provided his perspective on the difference between hate speech and free speech. In the United States, free speech is almost unlimited unless illegal activity occurs.

For two decades, Sujit Choudhry has had a very successful career as both a consultant and as an educator. One of his most fulfilling experiences was when he was affiliated with the Supreme Court of Canada. While affiliated with the court, he was involved in interpreting the nation’s laws and evaluating its constitution. He was therefore, very active in helping political leaders and government officials get a better grasp of how the nation’s legal system functions. Sujit Choudhry would also get involved in the educational sector when he joined a couple of leading North American law schools.

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Seasoned Lawyer Jeremy Goldstein Recommends Non-compete Agreements To Protect Your Business

Veteran lawyer Jeremy Goldstein has committed and dedicated his career in employment law. He earned his law degree from the New York University School of Law. Before taking up his law degree, Jeremy took another high-level degree at the University of Chicago. He also graduated with flying colors from Cornwell University.


He worked as an associate lawyer in a large firm in New York City before establishing his own law firm. He handled many legal transactions for various large corporations such as mergers and acquisitions. Among these corporations include Phillips Petroleum Company, Miller Brewing Company, Duke Energy, MNBA Corporation, Verizon Wireless, Merck, and Dow Chemical Company among others.


While handling their legal aspects, Jeremy realized how common conflicts of interest and contract enforcement are. After conducting a series of research, Jeremy Goldstein founded his own firm and named it Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates. The firm especially concentrates on employment law associated with executive compensation and corporate governance.


Spanning for more than a decade, the firm still continues to serve upper-level management teams and CEOs. Until now, Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates remains dedicated to offering unparalleled legal counsel and representation for all matters associated with the employment niche. As a lawyer, Jeremy is passionate about making sure that the rights and interests of his clients are well-protected.


One of the specific areas that he offers legal counsel is that which involves non-compete agreements. These agreements are also known as restrictive covenants or non-compete covenants. This kind of agreement is intended to protect the rights of employers in particular situations. Unknown to many employers, they might be exposed to unnecessary risks if they do not execute tailor-fitted agreements based on their specific needs.


One of the crucial roles of a non-compete agreement is to specify the length of time your former employee must wait before applying for employment with your competitor or working in the same industry within a particular geographic location. Employers might have several reasons why they would want to restrict the effect of competition from previous employees. This could include employees access to patented formulae or strategies that they could use for their own personal gain or gain influence from direct competitors, which could result to lose to the business of his previous employer.


Courts, in general, however, may not at all enforce some non-compete agreements they feel are extremely restrictive that employees could feel they are coerced into staying with the company. This kind of agreement must be written in a way that it safeguards the interest of the business from using critical corporate information that would ultimately harm the business. Hiring a seasoned lawyer like Jeremy Goldstein to prepare the agreement so the court could deem it as reasonable to both parties is crucial.


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JD.com and Bumblebee from the Transformers

The retail giant JD.com is teaming up with Paramount Pictures as well as the toy company Hasbro to celebrate the release of a top movie. They are looking to make fans have access to the new Transformers movie featuring Bumblebee.

Bumblebee first hit the public audience in 1987 and since that time it has built quite a following. The JD.com company has teamed up with Hasbro to offer merchandise as well as early access to the movie. They even have their own exclusive character that was developed. The JD.com has a transformer character that is designed to help protect the fuel source for the transformers. The collaboration is celebrating the exclusive release of mini source. This is showing off a brand of menswear that features popular characters from the movie.
JD.com also has a special sale. They have decided to have a Super Bumblebee Day. On this day the customers will be able to purchase Bumblebee merchandise from the movie from top brands. The people of China will have access to these brands. JD.com will also have their delivery brands work overtime to make sure all of the customers are able to get their Bumblebee merchandise as soon as possible.

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The Incredible Gustavo Martinez

Gustavo Martinez is a great leader with so much experience in the marketing and advertising industry. His skills were not gained in a day; the legend has spent more than 30 years serving in this field. Within the many years in leadership, he was the chief executive officer of the most prominent marketing firm in the world among other top leadership positions he held.



Martinez says that the most vital component in the advertising industry is creativity. In his interview, he clearly stated that for a company to grow, there must be a high level of creativity when coming up with a new product. Gustavo Martinez is working on projects that are now helping the companies grow when it comes to marketing, and he is very positive, he will achieve a high level of success.



The wise leader has several ways of ensuring that new ideas are generated in his workplace. With the criteria of choosing the most talented personnel to work with, he is assured of new things. Gustavo gives credit where it deserves. He believes that when someone is being appreciated for the excellent work he or she has done, he will be motivated to work even better; hence, new ideas are generated.



The amazing Gustavo says that for one to succeed, not just an entrepreneur but also on a personal level, one has to be patient and learn to listen to other people. Entrepreneurship requires one to be generous and treat other people’s opinions as the best, regardless of who the person is. By listening to different people, one gets to learn many different things.



Gustavo would go for the latest technology to market his product. He says that using technology can make people see your product as the best in the market. Technology gives people room to come up with new ideas to satisfy the customer’s needs around the marketing industry.



Did you know that apart from marketing and advertising, the great Gustavo loves doing charity work? Martinez is a kind-hearted man who loves to see other people succeed or get what they want. When doing charity work, he ensures that the work is purely charity and not something mixed with his profession. The charity work makes Gustavo an admirable leader globally.



The growth of his business not only comes from the experience Gustavo has but also from the great efforts his team has. In his interview, the leader stated that he considers advertising as professional work to do and he prefers giving money to the most talented person as long as he/she can deliver to the level that is required in advertising. Choosing on the best team in terms of talent and creativity is the only way a business can gradually grow.


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Zeco Auriemo on What it takes to be Successful in the Real Estate Business

Zeco Auriemo serves as the team leader of JHSF, which is a real estate organization situated in Brazil. The organization majors in the development and sales of real estate properties. Under the guidance of Mr. Auriemo, the company has delved into a different route by investing in various departments within the real estate sector. When Zeco Auriemo first became a member of the team, he convinced it to put its resources in the parking lot business. He took charge of the business. Since then, Zeco has steered the organization into major riskier but rewarding ventures.

Around the same time, Brazil opened its doors to the establishment of malls in the country. Seeing this, Zeco Auriemo delved into the investment of several shopping malls. One of the malls was Cidade Jardim. He also delved into the development of the housing department and luxury malls. As such, Zeco Auriemo took up challenges in various departments of the real estate department. He invested in residential as well as commercial sectors over the years of operating the company. Consequently, the shopping mall took over the industry as one of the best shopping malls in the country. The designers in charge of its operation incorporated gyms, commercial buildings, and luxury stores within. A movie theater was also designed in the mall.

JHSF was started by two brothers who had vast experience in business and real estate management. The organization mainly focused on the creation of real estate ventures since its inception. In 1990, the brothers split their departments into two main operational sectors. Fabio took over the main control of the real estate sector. Roberto took over JHSJ. Today, the organization has expanded its horizons into a major shopping center segment. JHSF has since negotiated for the development of Shopping Santa Cruz. Zeco is focused on implementing new operational structures for the company.