Blake Allen Wants You To Live The Life You Were Meant To Live

Blake Mallen is the President and Co-Founder of both ViSalus and Liv Global, two popular international lifestyle brands, and he wants people to start living differently instead of trying to be the person that they think they are “supposed” to be. Instead, he wants people to start striving to be the person that they were meant to be and he is hoping to be able to ignite a lifestyle revolution with the #ShiftTheScript movement. The idea of Shift the Script started with Blake Mallen almost two decades ago when one of his friends asked him why he was working so hard to become an attorney. He realized that he wasn’t excited about it at all and instead was just doing what he thought he was supposed to be doing to be successful.

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When Blake Mallen realized that he was not happy with the way that the life he was “supposed” to be living was going, he realized that he had to start living for himself and what he was “meant” to be. In the process, he was able to inspire other people to start living their lives in the same way. More than a decade and a half ago, the entrepreneur started a personal blog entitled “Life off the Script”. In the blog, he wrote about his new life living away from the expectations of others and he has been working to grow the movement since then.

Recently, Blake Mallen did a TEDx talk on the subject of Shift the Script and it has gotten some interesting reactions from viewers around the world. Out of the videos that were released the same month as his, his Shift the Script video was the top when it came to views. Over the years, Blake Mallen has created success in unconventional ways. The lifestyle brands that he has created help people to live healthier lives and to achieve their goals by creating a “Live List” instead of a “Bucket List”. He is often invited to speak at different events over his expertise and experience as someone who has created billion-dollar brands during his career.


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