Brian Bonar Takes Bellamy’s to New Heights

Brian Bonar and his new restaurant were the subjects of a recent article in Modern Luxury San Diego. Amy Finley wrote an interesting piece about her discovery of Bonar’s restaurant, Bellamy’s, while her initial impressions, based on location, and signage were less than glowing, the food made the difference.

The menu and the chef. Patrick Ponsaty, are French. French cuisine is unsurpassed for daring and delicious offerings. The collection of sauces makes the French fare scrumptious, and a dinner at Bellamy’s makes living and dining well an exquisite experience.

To judge a restaurant solely on appearance is, of course, wrong. The food which is the creation of the chef is the only thing to judge, and Finley left Bellamy’s after a fine dining experience, sated and enthused to return, no matter how mediocre the appearance.

This location for Bellamy’s is only a stepping stone for a nearby large location situated on a former ranch where the owner of Bellamy’s, Bonar, hopes to construct his dream restaurant complex. Read more: Brian Bonar Trains His Employees In Exceptional Customer Service and The New Frontier

A restaurant that would serve not only fine food but would offer entertainment both independent and connected with the restaurant itself. Bonar has been able to obtain his competent, creative chef and wait staff from a recent interruption of another restaurant’s existence.

The timing was fortunate, and Brian Bonar was able to complete the two pillars of any restaurant’s success by having the chef side and the wait side of the restaurant when he opened his operation.

Anyone who has not eaten at Bellamy’s or other French restaurants should waste no time in enjoying the cuisine. French was long regarded as the ultimate dining experience and continues to offer staples in the world of cuisine. French restaurants are usually appointed in a luxurious style befitting the reign of the French kings.

Dining in a French restaurant is a luxury, an experience, and sometimes the memories remain forever. Having Crepe Suzette for dessert is one such memorable experience, damn the costs and enjoy fine dining. Dining, certainly, can be elevated to the level of art.

French cuisine was before the introduction of Fusion the ultimate dining experience, and it remains in high esteem at Bellamy’s and elsewhere as the highest standard of fine foods prepared well, very well, and enjoyed to a remarkable level by those lucky enough to partake of this pleasure.

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Brian Bonar, CEO and Chairman of Dalrada Financial

Dalrada Financial’s Brian Bonar receives the Executive of the Year in Finance Honor from the Cambridge Who’s Who. Out of two men and two women, the committee chose Brian for his professional accomplishments in the finance field. His specialties consist of creative and personable approaches to mergers and acquisitions; it’s like architecture.  Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Dalrada Financial Corporation services PEO businesses in a large variety of employee and employer benefits that fit their needs. They acts act as a liaison by giving clients programs that provides an increase in the way their business runs efficiently. These benefits include risk management insurance, financial management and promotional and business management.

Brian Bonar began his career at James Watt Technical College, where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering. He later went on the Staffordshire University, where he received a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

His successful background in business gave him the opportunity to be included in the Executive of the Year in the Cambridge Who’s Who Registry, which looks at three categories of success, professional success, academic accomplishments and strong leadership roles.

Brian Bonar has almost 30 years of experience in the professional management area, which has given him the lead on overseeing all operations for the Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Brian Bonar has worked with Dalrada in other sectors of their corporation. He has been the company chairman and CEO. These positions have given him strengths and knowledge in the employee benefits department and business financial management. Read more: Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor

These are not Brian Bonar’s only professional successes. He is currently the Chairman and CEO of Trucet (Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc.) and the President of Allegiant Professional Business Service, Inc.

Brian Bonar has excellent marketing strategies and implements, manages and ensures he meets all his clients operational goals. He is very successful in building and growing businesses today. He has achieved outstanding success that puts him above the rest.

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