2015 Worst US Burgers

It seems burger lovers are looking for healthier options and leaving Quarter Pounders behind. In response, AllBusiness suggested that McDonald’s has bowed down to the competition and is closing about 700 locations.

Now, hamburgers aren’t a terrible choice. It packs a powerful protein punch, and many of us top it off with vegetables – lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles. But McDonald’s, among many others, have given the burger a bad rap, and supersizing doesn’t exactly tone the tummy.

There’s a list circulating that details 2015 worst burgers you can indulge in.

There really isn’t any topping the list because these burgers are for the uninhibited. Take the Thickburger El Diablo, featured at Hardee’s. This burger has an eye-popping 1,380 calories and enough sodium for three Big Mac’s.

Yes, it can get worst. A Portabella Onion-Pretzel Cheeseburger. This is Ruby Tuesday’s creation – 1,659 calories. It’s a good thing that healthy portabella mushroom tops that beef, or this dish would be pure evil.

I want to meet the people who actually eat an Oreo Burger by Carousel Foods. 57 fried Oreo cookies is stuffed into this burger, all topped with bacon. If you aren’t scared yet, consider 3,047 calories.

Some may consider these a treat, others a heart attack, but tread lightly.