OrganoGold Plans to Promote Healthy Coffee Consumption in Turkey

According to an article that was published on the PR Newswire website, coffee drinkers in Turkey will be happy to know that OrganoGold will be opening a branch location in the beautiful country that straddles Asia and Europe. The expansion of the Vancouver-based business into Turkey is a logical move considering that Turkey has a heavy population of coffee drinkers. Actually, here is a small history lesson, Turkey was the first recorded nation to open a coffee shop in the 15th century.

The expansion of OrganoGold into Turkey signifies the growth of the company into the Asian and European sector. The Turkish branch will be the 35th country that OrganoGold will call home, and it will signify a valuable outlet in the company’s vast distribution network.

The founder and CEO of OrganoGold, Bernardo Chua, could not have picked a better time to offer his product line in Turkey, for the Turkish population is becoming more health conscious about the food that they eat, and the population is becoming more health conscious about their favorite caffeinated drink – coffee.

Mr. Chua’s products are world-renowned for providing a healthy option for coffee lovers. For instance, the main ingredient in OrganoGold is Ganoderma, which is a tropical mushroom that is used heavily in Asian medicines. For example, in Chinese culture Ganoderma is regarded as the highest-ranking herb. Chinese medicine practitioners claim that consistent intake of Ganoderma is associated with longevity, vitality and the strengthening of the human body and metabolic processes.

Bernardo Chua is revered worldwide for being more than a coffee mogul. The global community has embraced Mr. Chua as an advocate for promoting a healthy lifestyle through sound dietary practices. He spearheaded a successful campaign to introduce the world to the Ganoderma mushroom, which resulted in millions of people from countries like the Philippines, Hong Kong, America, Great Britain, Germany, South Africa, Canada and more consuming the mushroom.

Now that Turkey is one of the countries that has direct access to OrganoGold, Turkish residents will have the opportunity to indulge in a wide range of beverages offered by the company, such as Black Coffee, Gourmet Hot Chocolate, Gourmet Mocha, African Red, Colombian Roast, Gourmet Latte and much more. Residents of Turkey will not only have access to a delicious product line, but they will also be able to enjoy their coffee while promoting good health.

Great Health And Prosperity With OrganoGold

Success and health are two things that every person wants. OrganoGold is a company that made these two desires its mission, and it has wildly succeeded while enriching its customers simultaneously.

This good fortune is based on an herb long known for it’s healing powers; Ganoderma Lucidum, “the king of herbs.” Ganoderma Lucidum has been considered the most potent herb in the Chinese pharmacopeia. This herbal powerhouse is grown on logs high in the Wuyi Mountains of China’s Fuzhou region the same way it has been for thousands of years. In addition to supplements, OrganoGold has a line of coffees and teas infused with this herb that taste fantastic. So how was a small shop that originated in 2008 in Richmond, B.C., Canada, with only three employees able to accomplish what it has in such a short period of time?

It all began when CEO and Founder Bernardo Chua who already knew about the health benefits of Ganoderma through his Asian business interests, decided to expand into the North American markets. Knowing that word-of-mouth is the best advertising he set up the company to utilize direct sales through independent distributors; over 400,000 and counting. His dream of spreading health and prosperity has been a resounding success.

So why do people love Chua’s Ganoderma Lucidum based products? They are a treasure trove of antioxidants which have been proven to help the human body fight off the effects of aging. Couple this with the antioxidant powers of coffee, and green and black teas and you have a recipe for longevity and health. They also market nutritional supplements and personal care products which his many grateful customers love.

OrganoGold is a company that started off with a vision of health and prosperity. Bernardo Chua and his distributors are bringing good health and fortune to the masses one sip of delicious coffee at a time.

Bulletproof Yourself

Dave Asprey says his products will be meant to “upgrade the human.”

What is this magic? Bulletproof Coffee.

The new creamy-delicious beverage has already gained a huge celebrity following kick starting Asprey’s cafe. This coffee is meant to upgrade your energy by replacing your daily breakfast with a cup of bulletproof coffee. Recently Shailene Woodley, Actress, has tweeted saying bulletproof coffee was “one of the greatest of human achievements.” Actor Brandon Routh, who is currently shooting “The Flash” and “Arrow”, claims he’s converted the casts and crews to this new Bulletproof Coffee lifestyle. He say’s it has taken him to the next level “it gives me so much more energy and focus”

Dave Asprey say’s that he’s a “bio-hacker” and discovered Bulletproof Coffee when he went on a trip to Tibet to study meditation. It wasn’t his meditation practices that inspired this new drink but the yak-butter tea he had been drinking. This yak-butter tea had Asprey feeling better then before and at a very elevated height. With 15 years of bio-hacking under his belt Dave wanted to create a way to eliminate milk and sugar from his diet. With a love for coffee Dave created a bulletproof blend that was perfect; one cup of coffee with 2 tablespoons of unsalted grass-fed butter and 1 to 2 tablespoons of medium-chain triglyceride oil.

Since last year Asprey’s business has grown 700% with products at dozen’s of bulletproof coffee restaurants and cafe’s. Owner of Picnik, Naomi Seifter said they only sold the black version because no one would try the buttered version “But now the Bulletproof coffee is hands-down the biggest aspect of our business. It’s really become what we’re known for.”

Asprey is set to open his cafe “Bulletproof Coffee” this summer. The store is built and located in Santa Monica, CA, which also happens to be a huge spot for health conscious minds alike. He has also mentioned the cafe will be featuring energy supplements called Unfair Advantage. The Bulletproof Coffee website has 20 employees and a “Upgraded Self” section which features low toxin-coffee, sleeping mats, and a “Focus Brain Trainer” sensor headband.