Calorie restriction could improve blood flow to aging brains

A recent study released in Neuro Bio-Aging has reported that scientists found a significant rise in ketone levels and blood flow to aging brains when caloric restriction was practiced. The study was performed using geriatric rats and using neuroimaging techniques and revealed the definate correaltion between lowered calorie intake and a boost in the metabolic activity of the brain. This could provide a key to unraveling some factors of aging that result in diminished brain performance.

Ketones may be the key to reducing the effects of brain aging
Both the journal of Neuro Bio-Aging and the scientists who conducted the study are careful to point out that more work is needed to determine how much of the effect of calorie restriction is shared with humans, the surrounding evidence points to ketone levels being a key in controlling the effects of aging. The increase of ketones in the blood can boost metabolic activity in the brain says Dr. Daniel Amen. This activity can mean more speed in reaction times and brain functioning, which in turn can produce stronger cognitive functioning too. One question that everyone is curious about is while evidence points towards caloric restriction helping people to minimize the loss of cognitive powers due to regular aging, it may also prove to be a key to reducing the effects of dementia and ALzheimer’s on the brain as well. More studies are to follow in this area as the potential for positive findings is great.