Don’t Let A Few Bad Reviews Derail Your Startup

For startups to succeed, they have to gain consumer’s trust. Most entrepreneurs try very hard to deliver exactly what they’ve promised and go above and beyond with their customer service. It’s the ideal way to build brand loyalty and get current customers to rave about your product on social media. Unfortunately, you can’t please everyone; no matter how hard you try. A few decades ago, this didn’t matter much since the unhappy customers just complained to their friends, while many more consumers happily spread the word about your business and you gained new customers.

Today, however, a single disgruntled customer can quickly tell the world about their dissatisfaction. They can review your product on multiple websites or, if they are really vindictive, they can start a blog and trash your startup. One Internet-savvy hater can cause a lot of damage by attacking your business and your product under multiple names so it looks like you have dozens of unhappy customers.

Never get into an online argument with someone who is maligning your reputation or you will appear unprofessional. Hire a firm like to clean up your company’s search results. They are experts in online reputation management so you don’t have to let harmful reviews and unflattering comments wreck your business.

As an entrepreneur, you should stay focused on running your business. Don’t refute negative comments and reviews, but do apologize if you made a mistake. Learn from constructive comments, but ignore people who seem intent on harming your business. Let and the search cleanup team deal with bad reviews and damaging articles while you continue to build your brand.

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