Dog Food Profits Continue To Rise

When it comes to dog food sales , premium dog food has helped the pet food industry grow 223.7 billion dollars in sales. A manufacturing chief on a manufacturing line can easily prove to the world how good dog food taste by eating a slice of it. He then says that it can be compared to Thanksgiving food. Many companies are putting organic food into their line of products. Even pet food makers are stepping up when it comes to marketing. The Purina Beneful company has high sales. It is one of the top selling for high quality dog food. On their website you can make your dog food unique by customizing it to your own special blend. A leader in pet food sales is following the Facebook trend of having food come straight from the farm onto the manufacturing line. Many big companies are trying to be better than their competitors when it comes to dog food. Just recently, in July, Purina purchased Merrick Pet Care, a organic producer of dog food. When it comes to older dogs, Purina Beneful puts them into consideration by having a recipe that is called Bright Minds. This recipe is full of coconut oil. Coconut oil is seen to be a good ingredient for older dogs to have in their food, because it can help them to metabolize more and that way they can have more energy. Also, dog food companies are trying to go into a new territory for the food that can be refrigerated. It is being seen that gourmet food from Fresh Pet has grown over 30%, and made 103 million in the last year. When it comes to fresh chicken and beef being expensive, food that contains those ingredients has lost much of its value. The dog food that Purina Beneful has is expected to grow and profit in 2016. Fresh Pet will also see growth and profit, because many people treat their pets like family. Beneful is so popular because many people are quick to open their wallets when it comes to their dog food, and Beneful has many popular in meat products that are of high quality.