Everything You Ought to Know About Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is masterly, and that is why he has significant roles in the Fortress Investment Group. He holds a science degree that he earned from the University of Connecticut. Additionally, he studied at Boston University and received a J.D from the law school. He serves as the director, CEO, principal, and the co-founder to the lucrative firm. He joined Fortress in 1998 and did an exemplary job since by 2006; he joined the board of directors. Hence, he has been in the firm for two decades now, which is quite a long time. Before that, he was the managing director at UBS from 1997 to 1998. More about Randal Nardone at Bloomberg.

Experience is what Randal Nardone has in various prestigious companies such as BlackRock Financial Management. He was the principal of the organization for two years from 1995 to 1997. To top it up, he was part of the executive committee and partner in the law firm; Thatcher Proffitt &Wood. For this reason, he marshaled adequate skills that prepared him to head a company and lead a team of employees. Besides that, he is a board member in different organizations, including Eurocastle Investment and Springleaf Financial Services.

In 2007, Randal Nardone was in position 557 among the billionaires globally according to Forbes. During this time, his net worth was $1.8 billion, and he acted as the principal and co-founder at Fortress. Since he has skills in various sectors such as investment banking, and financial analysis, he shares the knowledge to his employees. Thus, many people who work at the company describe it as a great place to discover and learn. Plus, they get high compensation in the work they do, including vacation, dental, and medical plans.

Another notable thing is the purchase of Fortress by the Softbank in 2017. The Japanese financial service bought the company at $3.3 billion, and Randal Nardone agreed to carry on as the company’s CEO. He also continues to take part in activities that influence his partners and employees as a leader. Thus, he is active in the management committee and the company as well. On that account, Fortress has an outstanding boss in the man who strives to keep it at the top. Source: https://www.fortress.com/about

Randal Nardone Incredible Dedication to the Success of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone has a great name in the financial industry. He is the co-founder of the famous Fortress Investment Group. Nardone holds the position of the CEO in the firm. In its initial stage, he used to be the principal, but he was promoted gradually due to his outstanding leadership and management skills. Fortress is a great financial management firm and is among the largest in the country. It was established in New York in1998 by Randal Nardone and his colleges Wes Edens. Its headquarters are in Manhattan. He rose to the CEO post in 2013 after serving as an interim CEO. Fortress has attained tremendous success such that it got the attention of SoftBank Group, a Japanese Holding firm with its multi-national headquarters in Tokyo. For more information about Randal Nardone, view his Crunchbase profile.

Fortress manages industry-specific investor’s pools and private equity funds. SoftBank was impressed with some of those pools as it discovered their high potential for growth and expansion. SoftBank had most clients in Asia and the Middle East. Fortress works with more than 1700 clients and several private investors. They deal with various fields that include telecommunication, real estate, and credit. They offer excellent investment services and strategies. SoftBank acquired Fortress for 3.3 billion US Dollars cash price. They retained Randal Nardone position since they had confidence in him. According to Randal Nardone, the acquisition was an incredible achievement as they got many clients from Asia. The other benefit was that Fortress was operating as an independent firm within SoftBank. This implies that Fortress operations were not affected in any way.

Fortress Investment Group tremendously prospered in the early 2000s and became famous. The success earned Randal Nardone a great name, and finally, he became position 557 in the Forbes Billionaire list. Nardone has attained vast experience and incredible skills in his many years of service in the firm. He is also a holder of Doctors in Jurisprudence degree that he attained from Boston University School of Law. Nardone initially used to practice law before joining the financial industry. However, he developed some interest in entrepreneurship in the course of his career and finally ended up joining the financial sector.

Source: https://www.zoominfo.com/directory/person/randal-nardone/5552352?utm_source=discoverorg

Blake Allen Wants You To Live The Life You Were Meant To Live

Blake Mallen is the President and Co-Founder of both ViSalus and Liv Global, two popular international lifestyle brands, and he wants people to start living differently instead of trying to be the person that they think they are “supposed” to be. Instead, he wants people to start striving to be the person that they were meant to be and he is hoping to be able to ignite a lifestyle revolution with the #ShiftTheScript movement. The idea of Shift the Script started with Blake Mallen almost two decades ago when one of his friends asked him why he was working so hard to become an attorney. He realized that he wasn’t excited about it at all and instead was just doing what he thought he was supposed to be doing to be successful.

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When Blake Mallen realized that he was not happy with the way that the life he was “supposed” to be living was going, he realized that he had to start living for himself and what he was “meant” to be. In the process, he was able to inspire other people to start living their lives in the same way. More than a decade and a half ago, the entrepreneur started a personal blog entitled “Life off the Script”. In the blog, he wrote about his new life living away from the expectations of others and he has been working to grow the movement since then.

Recently, Blake Mallen did a TEDx talk on the subject of Shift the Script and it has gotten some interesting reactions from viewers around the world. Out of the videos that were released the same month as his, his Shift the Script video was the top when it came to views. Over the years, Blake Mallen has created success in unconventional ways. The lifestyle brands that he has created help people to live healthier lives and to achieve their goals by creating a “Live List” instead of a “Bucket List”. He is often invited to speak at different events over his expertise and experience as someone who has created billion-dollar brands during his career.

Connect: https://www.linkedin.com/in/blakemallen

It’s Jeunesse Global Again, the Honoree of 2019 American Business Awards

This year, Jeunesse Global has shined once more as the best company with excellent executive team and producer of safe health products. In the celebration of Jeunesse achievement, the company was highly appreciated in the American Business Awards, taking home dozens of Stevie® awards. Among the exceptional departments that were awarded included the company’s executive management team, sales and distribution department, information technology team, and non-profiting foundation.

This being the fourth consecutive year for Jeunesse to maintain consistent outstanding performance, the firm was treasured with 12 prizes which among them were five gold, three silver, and four bronze. Below are some areas and personnel who were recognized;

  • Chief Visionary Officer, Scott Lewis, was awarded as the maverick of the year in production and marketing of consumer products.
  • IT department was recognized as the best team of the year award
  • Jmobile, a newly launched company’s business app – with productivity App award of the year
  • Jeunesse marketing department was recognized as the best team of the year in sales and production

According to Chief Visionary Officer, Scottish Lewis remarks, the year to year awards was a significant reflection of a real family that is united as ‘one house and one company, ʹ a philosophy that defines the company’s culture. He also praised the collective effort instilled by the company’s family of distributors, executive members, and the whole team of employees as it was through their power that kept the company propelling forward to success. Lastly, he also recognized the involved judges for identifying Jeunesse Global exceptional hard work and dedication in serving and transforming the lives of the people.

More About Jeunesse Global

Jeunesse Global is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of skincare and nutritional supplements The company’s mission is to help people who wish to maintain and retain a youthful look as well as empowering them with capabilities to unleash their potential. In an attempt to increase its service accessibility, the company has established 34 fully operational offices and has a firm market link in over 145 countries across the globe.


The Chicago-based Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky created Tempus Company, which he formed to provide effective tech-medicine solutions. He is a Co-founder of Lightbank, which has enormous investments in disruptive technologies. Eric is the chairman and co-founder of Groupon, a worldwide e-commerce powerhouse. Besides, he also co-founded Mediaocean.

In Chicago, he is a Trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital, Art Institute, Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago. Also, he chairs the board of trustees in Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago. On his graduation at the University of Michigan, he received the Juris Doctor.

Eric uses technology-based approaches to revolutionize conventional businesses into e-enabled businesses.

Eric’s Philanthropist endeavors

Whenever the reputable entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky wants to grow a company, he always gives it his maximum effort. The $950 million raised by his Chicago-based Groupon was such a high amount to be raised by a startup within three years.

Well, Eric is again now borrowing a leaf from the same book for his newly founded company, Tempus. The also Chicago-based Company is looking to invest in genomic testing and data analysis. Tempus has already employed approximately 700 workers and also raised over $500 million over the past three years since its inception. Right now, the company is valued at $3.1 billion, making it one of Chicago’s most highly valued private companies.

The platform at Tempus is meant for the collection and analysis of the unorganized medical data in electronic systems. Moreover, the company generates genomic data of patients by sequencing their DNA and useful information in its lab. Tempus’s goal is to give doctors the data which can help them to administer customized treatments for patients.

Gustavo Martinez on Business Success

Gustavo Martinez career history


Gustavo Martinez has been involved in the advertising and marketing field for the last 35 years. He has led a majority of the firms to reach their desired destination, in charge of institutions iconic ads.



Gustavo Martinez is the Chief Executive Officer of the most significant firm, globally known as J. Walter Thompson.


Other organizations he worked with include; McCann Worldgroup as the commander in chief and Ogilvy and Mather. The two companies are among the top names in the marketing institution.


Before Gustavo Martinez worked with these institutions, he used to be a team member at Henkel and Price Waterhouse.


Interview review


During his interview, he started by elaborating what consulting referred to, and he said that it meant the provision of high-end amenities by an independent contractor.


He said that in the marketing industry, creativity stood up as an essential entity. When recruiting new team member, they go for those with the best talents so that they can defeat their competitors. Most capitals needed employees who can be relied on the team members who work till their shift ends and do their work correctly.


Gustavo Martinez is an overachiever. By seven, he is awake and having breakfast with his family, goes through emails and later glances at the day’s business news. He goes to the office and works from 9′: AM00 AM to 7 or 9 PM.


Gustavo Martinez brings ideas into life through his artistic nature. Solutions to problems are achieved by diversity of thoughts from the team players. His role as the head is to inspire the workers and not only to motivate them.


He talks of another succession tip, which is to recognize individuals who have done an excellent job. Recognition is a human motivating factor.


The internet of things is one trend that excites him. The use of the internet can be used by marketers to advertise their goods, and also customers can use to place their orders.


Being an active listener is one quality that has made Gustavo Martinez a successful entrepreneur. Making people feel useful, and generosity are other qualities. He believes that everyone, regardless of who they are, has something interesting to contribute to society.


Gustavo Martinez advice to his younger self would be to be patient and also be willing to learn from other talented individuals.


He believes in giving back to the society under some conditions, for example, we should not give back so that we can be viewed as good people or to be seen that we have provided. Donations should not include people’s names on it. Charity begins at home.


Gustavo said that his business has been able to grow because their recruitment is viewed as thorough they are willing to pay massive amounts as salaries to get the best and fit people for a given job.


For updates, follow Gustavo Martinez on Facebook.

Zeco Auriemo on What it takes to be Successful in the Real Estate Business

Zeco Auriemo serves as the team leader of JHSF, which is a real estate organization situated in Brazil. The organization majors in the development and sales of real estate properties. Under the guidance of Mr. Auriemo, the company has delved into a different route by investing in various departments within the real estate sector. When Zeco Auriemo first became a member of the team, he convinced it to put its resources in the parking lot business. He took charge of the business. Since then, Zeco has steered the organization into major riskier but rewarding ventures.

Around the same time, Brazil opened its doors to the establishment of malls in the country. Seeing this, Zeco Auriemo delved into the investment of several shopping malls. One of the malls was Cidade Jardim. He also delved into the development of the housing department and luxury malls. As such, Zeco Auriemo took up challenges in various departments of the real estate department. He invested in residential as well as commercial sectors over the years of operating the company. Consequently, the shopping mall took over the industry as one of the best shopping malls in the country. The designers in charge of its operation incorporated gyms, commercial buildings, and luxury stores within. A movie theater was also designed in the mall.

JHSF was started by two brothers who had vast experience in business and real estate management. The organization mainly focused on the creation of real estate ventures since its inception. In 1990, the brothers split their departments into two main operational sectors. Fabio took over the main control of the real estate sector. Roberto took over JHSJ. Today, the organization has expanded its horizons into a major shopping center segment. JHSF has since negotiated for the development of Shopping Santa Cruz. Zeco is focused on implementing new operational structures for the company.

Jeunesse Global on Providing People with a Better Alternative

When one considers the cause of Jeunesse Global’s massive success over the years, it may be hard to disassociate them from the many beauty products they are known for. They are more devoted, however, to their anti-aging products, and they have been for years. This is what inspired them to be founded in the first place. They saw the opportunity to create additions to the trend of anti-aging goods, and so far, they have shown themselves to be more than competent when it comes to this. 

It is likely helped by the fact that they have years of experience within the corporate world. Of course, there is a lot of science that goes into creating a product that can pass through legal approval laws in order to be sold within the United States. Because of this, Jeunesse Global considers themselves to be a conduit for the advancement of science. They work hard to make sure that they can get their product out to as many people as possible, and this in turn gives them more influence to create an even better product when the time comes. Because of this, Jeunesse Global is totally in control of their fate as a company, and they possess a job security that is unparalleled in today’s volatile market. 

Particularly within the anti-aging industry, there seem to be quite a few companies that are starting to go downhill in recent times. It may, in fact, simply be that these companies have been going downhill for many years, and it is simply now that they feel the impact the most. If you look at the way many of these companies deal with their customers, it is hardly a challenge to see why. Many of them do not even have the vaguest familiarity with the science that goes behind their industry, and they instead sell goods that are dependent on placebo in order for them to have any impact on the person using them. Because of this, Jeunesse Global felt it necessary to finally form, as they believed that it was their duty to provide the people with a better alternative.


Stream Employees Care the Most

Stream Energy saw the devastation that several natural disasters had in Texas, and the company felt the need to set up its own charity wing of the company. Stream Cares will focus on a variety of philanthropic projects. While Stream Energy sells energy around America, it feels a stronger bond to the Dallas area that it calls home. The most recent work that Stream Energy is doing is with a charity organization called Hope Supply Co. Stream Cares has already been involved with some major charities in the past few years. The company has worked with Habitat for Humanity and The Red Cross.

Hope Supply Co, is a smaller charity, but it is doing important work around Dallas for children affected by homelessness. The entire homeless problem has become one of the biggest issues, and children are often the ones who are in the most danger. Hope Supply Co, collects and donates supplies for those children. It collects everything from diapers to school supplies. Stream Cares is now lending its resources to the problem. Stream is happy to donate money due to the enormous success it has had in recent years. It is more important for the company to show that it is willing to donate its time.

Stream Energy employees are always looking to interact with members of its community, especially children. It is with that in mind that a group of employees took children to a water park. Stream Energy paid for the whole day, and the employees spent their time making sure the children enjoyed the day. It was a great way for employees to show how they value everyone in the Dallas area. It is just one of many days that Stream Energy will be hosting as part of its new charity drive. Many events will help children in the local area.


InnovaCare Health Grows And Develops Under The Watch of Rick Shinto And Penelope Kokkinides

North America homes many healthcare service providers whose aim is to provide society with quality services. InnovaCare Health joins the list of healthcare providers with most of its clientele base located in Puerto Rico. The organization prides itself in providing quality healthcare services that come at affordable prices to its patients. InnovaCare Health has grown over the years allying with the Puerto Rican government where it provides Medicaid programs and Medicare Advantage to its patients. Also, they have a vast provider network of over 7500 providers that takes care of more than 200000 members under the InnovaCare umbrella.

The firm owes its organized and experienced leadership panel the success yielded over the years. At the top sits Dr. Rick Shinto who is the current President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare Health. Shinto has over two decades of expertise in healthcare management that has supported his visionary influence in the company. After graduating from medical school, Rick Shinto worked shortly as a pulmonologist. He, however, veered off to the healthcare management sector where he held executive positions in various institutions. Rick Shinto has served as at NAMM based in California, MedPartners, Aveta Inc, MMM Healthcare, PMC Medicare choice and Pathways Management Company.

Following his exemplary performances in the industry, Dr. Rick Shinto bagged various accolades. While working at Aveta Inc, he was recognized as the Ernst & Young Entrepreneurs of the Year. Again, while at InnovaCare Dr. Rick Shinto bagged the Top 25 Minority Executive Award in 2018.

Penelope Kokkinides is also part of the management panel and brings valuable experience and expertise in the healthcare company. Her portfolio reads multiple institutions that were lucky enough to experience her brilliance in managed healthcare. Penelope has served at Centerlight Healthcare, Touchstone Health, and AmeriChoice. She also has in-depth experience in working with government programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. Currently, Penelope Kokkinides sits as the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Healthcare. She has helped develop InnovaCare’s health models and structures to improve the quality of services offered to patients.

The two brilliant individuals mentioned in this piece, Dr. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides have been phenomenal in propelling InnovaCare Health into greater heights.