Fortress Investment Group’s Approach To Open-End Asset Funds

The beauty about the process of Fortress Investment Group offering open-end asset funds is that many investors have access to private credit compared to the previous years. Besides, the company operates another fund that caters for real estate debts, intellectual property, and aircraft leases. Since SoftBank acquired Fortress, the company has thrown its weight in investing in funds to diversify its operations.

Softbank saw the potential for investing in Fortress Investment Group because of the latter’s success story that makes every company collaborate with it in its activities.

To make the fund a success, Fortress Investment Group has invested four million from its patents to boost the fund aimed at supporting small businesses. The company believes that the offering of private credit takes place after a successful negotiation process between the company and the borrower. The beauty of private credit is that the trading process takes place privately, unlike the other investments and credits. However, the company treats the fund in a structured lending system involving the borrower taking the credit like a loan or a bond.


According to the Fortress Investment Groups Chairman, open-end asset fund is a mutual fund like the rest. However, the unique thing about this type of fund is that the number of shares issued in it for bonds or stock doesn’t restrict its issuance. The mutual funds follow this type of process to allow investors to invest conveniently. It’s good to note that the managers could close the fund to other investors if their stocks are in plenty.

The Chairman went ahead to explain that the open-end fund exists when the purchasing of a share takes place but ceases to exist after the selling of the stock. Customers determine the value of the open-end fund by using the NAV, Net Asset Value that involves recalculation after everyday trading takes place.

For the investors that don’t boost their investments by buying more shares, their existing shares stop circulating after selling takes place. The share managers work together with analysts to operate both the open and closed funds. The primary difference between these funds is the status of their shares with closed funds having fixed stocks and open-end fund having unlimited. Fortress Investment Group reduces the risks by opening the opportunity for new buyers to acquire the credits.

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