Choose Dog Food for Overall Health and Wellness

As one of North America’s leading manufacturers of dog meals and treats, Beneful makes a variety of tasty, healthy, natural looking products. Purina, the company behind the Beneful brand, began producing the wet and dry dog food in 2001. Since that time, it has grown as 1 in 4 American pet households prefer the products. Currently, the company is listed as the 4th most popular dog food in the world. Most pet owners prefer the brand because as the name suggests, it is good for dogs of all breeds and sizes. The name itself, “Beneful” literally means “full of goodness.” There are different Beneful dog food based on the needs of the pet, some of these are: Healthy Radiance, Playful Life, Incredibites and Healthy Growth for Puppies.

Another value the dog food adds is quality. By eating high quality meals and treats dogs can stay healthy and active for many years. A dog’s daily menu should consist of dry and wet dog food, and also treats and snacks, which are equally important for overall nutrition. For those households with pets, Beneful looks like real stewed meat and is available in convenient stay fresh packs. In 2005, Purina introduced its most popular addition to the Beneful dog food products, the Healthy Harvest line. Healthy Harvest helps pets build a stronger immune system, sustained energy levels, along with improvements to their skin and coats, and the dog food also promotes lean, healthy bodies.

People differentiate dog food according to the value, quality and price. They want to buy quality dog food that has some healthful, life extension benefits. Just like humans read product labels to determine the nutritional value, pet owners are learning to do the same thing. Dog food should contain a substantial amount of protein, which is the key ingredient for maintaining a healthy weight. Beneful dog food also contains natural digestive aids, this is essential, because a regular dog is a happy, healthy pet.

If there is one obvious thing about pet food is that it must contribute to the dog’s overall health and wellness. Many prefer the good old fashioned appearance of dog food, which is the leading factor in choosing one brand over another one. Today, pet owners take more responsibility for what they feed their dog, than consumers did years ago. This is due to a lot of factors, such as improvements in quality and ease of consumption. Some dogs are just like humans and have certain allergies. But unlike humans their allergies may go some time before they’re detected.

When choosing a new type of dog food, or switching brands, it is always a good idea to observe the pet’s reaction to it for a few weeks. Behind every good dog food is usually great ingredients. Pet owners should shop for bargains by first reading the ingredients. Dogs need variety and some pets may require additional vitamin supplementation and heart healthy chewables to supply their bodies with the proper nutrition.