Grilled Cheese By Delivery

Everyone knows the ice cream man and sees him as he drives his truck all around the place. Well, according to an article found on reddit and written by Grub Street, there is a start up company in the United Kingdom that is doing the same thing but with grilled cheese. Because honestly who doesn’t love grilled cheese. It will only cost them about $5.00 per week to run this great franchise that is bound to make so many people happy. In addition to that, they have started up a campaign on kick starter that would allow him to do this business.

The owners of the idea have claimed that many people have been showing interest in their company and some have even come from overseas. It is not likely that they will copy him but it will be nice for them to know that someone is looking at them with admiration. It won’t be long before this really hits the streets, as food trucks have become so popular in the recently two or three years that this is going to make a great addition to the local street food. knows that Alexei Beltyukov is a huge fan of grilled cheese and he hopes that a truck like this one will come his way some day. I would surely be a customer and go out of my way to find an awesome grilled cheese sandwich.