Dog Food on the Rise

Sales of dog food have recently been increasing and with good cause. Companies such as Purinastore’s Beneful and the Freshpet Inc. factory have been blending their dog food with lamb and salmon for years but now that the Freshpet factory is pumping out a gourmet style food for the dogs it’s hard to beat their products. Beneful is one of the companies taking the new products as a challenge and improving upon their own formulas

Beneful has been in the business of dog food for a very long time and when they get hooked on selling a product online: like this you know that it means that that product is something major. They have developed serious competition in the Freshpet and Blue Buffalo companies with the new dog food being created has been leaps and bounds healthier for dogs and they seem to love it considerably more as well. The dogs are eating more and more of it because they now have access to something so good.

The recent surge in the dog food trend has been called an eat-like-your-owner trend where the dogs are going to eat food similar to what their owners would eat for a meal. The higher proteins and the better quality foods are making a big difference in the happiness of the dogs. The sales of dog food have gone up almost 45% in the past few years and continue to be on the rise. With the big name companies moving to make this trend a more common and positive thing there is nothing that will stop the move and the dogs couldn’t be happier with it.

A happier dog means a happier life and with the new dog food trend you get just that. There’s no doubt that this trend will continue to be at the head of the market and make waves for years to come.