Thor Halvorssen Stuns Fox News

Thor Halvorssen is a human rights advocate and the founder of the Human Rights Foundation. His foundation brings together fellow advocates of human rights to speak out against oppression and the lack of individual freedoms in governments around the world. Halvorssen was born in Venezuela into a connected family who suffered under the socialist government of Hugo Chavez. His father was held as a political prisoner, and his mother was shot while attending a peaceful demonstration against the Chavez government. He has condemned not only Chavez but Che Gueverra, and many who know of Thor Halvorssen would assume that he is opposed to any socialist government or socialist candidate.

Fox News wanted to practice their anti-socialist leanings by criticizing the candidacy of the socialist democrat, Bernie Sanders. They offered Halvorssen an opportunity to be interviewed live on their cable network. The plan seemed simple enough; Halvorssen would appear on the program and criticize socialist governments along with Bernie Sanders and his supporters. The interview began, and Halvorssen appeared relaxed and ready, but as the questioning began there was a distinct change of direction for the interview. Halvorssen was not going to sabotage the Sanders campaign; instead, he said that socialism can work in a democratic system. There are excellent socialist governments in northern Europe, and he even said that socialism can work in the United States of America. The interviewer tried to get Halvorssen back on track, but he was resolute. He was opposed to any government that represses its people. He felt that the socialist government in Venezuela was repressive, he had proof; both his parents were victims. He went on to condemn Hillary Clinton because she has accepted campaign contributions from dictatorial regimes that viciously oppress their citizens. The Fox host looked perplexed. And then Halvorssen landed the knock-out punch by saying that he had just given the Sanders campaign the largest campaign donation allowable by law. It was game, set, and match for Halvorssen as the Fox host quickly ended the interview.

The interview has become a popular YouTube video.