General mills Announces Plans to Discontinue Use of Artificial Colors and Flavors

In an attempt to provide more healthful breakfast foods to the masses, General Mills announced Monday that they would discontinue use of artificial flavors and coloring from their cereal. The company-wide policy will affect all cereals currently produced by the breakfast food giant.

Artificial flavorings and colors will be replaced with fruit, vegetable and spice alternatives. The cereal giant has been working on the change for years, secretly testing out natural ingredients to ensure the cereals taste as similar to their classic counterparts as possible.

In a statement released by the company, a spokesman said all cereals will be free of artificial flavorings and additives by the end of 2017. The company is hoping to have 75% of its stock free of the artificial ingredients by January of 2016, with the rest joining the line throughout the year. Cereals containing marshmallows will likely be the last to receive an overhaul.

Folks at The Aspire New Brunswick noted the announcement comes just days after the CDC announced that there are more obese people than overweight people in the United States. Childhood obesity, in particular, is of major concern, with the percentage of children who are obese quickly rising. Childhood obesity is a marker for obesity later in life, and can lead to serious and significant health problems.