How Sujit Choudhry Supports Constitutional Law Building

Meet Professor Sujit Choudhry, a globally acclaimed scholar with vast experience in research that addresses a broad spectrum of issues surrounding comparative as well as constitutional law. He is also well versed with the application of different policies and regulations not only in business but in politics. His specialty includes the use of the constitutional design in managing the transition from disruptive conflicts to a peaceful democratic political landscape, design in divided societies, secession, transitional justice, group rights, constitutional design specifically in the platform of transitions from an authoritarian to democratic policy and constitution building processes. Sujit Choudhry is also well versed with the creation of basic methodological questions when it comes to the study and research of comparative law. Over the years, he’s written extensively on constitutional law in Canada.

Sujit Choudhry has a recent publication that discusses the outset of constitutional democracies that are in crisis. To be specific, he specializes in the discussion of Eric Holder’s tweet. Holder served in the government of President Barrack Obama. The tweet was posted in 2017, and in it, Mr. Holder reiterates that any political threat based on the termination of Robert Mueller was a red line. Holder added that in case of anything, action should be taken with immediate effect. Peaceful demonstrations should rule the day. If he’s forcefully removed from power, there must be mass action upon which the people will be voicing their opinions. In the opinion of Sujit Choudhry, Eric Holder’s tweet is solely based on two primary concepts, namely red line and the uncontroversial constitutional boundary that impacts the democracy of America. It’s also important for Holder to allow Americans to decide if officials have indeed transgressed the existing limits. Mr. Choudhry also underlines the fact that Eric Holder is insinuating the people’s reaction, including how the impending issue should be solved. This includes the red line issue and how it will be held.

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George Soros Makes a Very Generous Donation to Hilary Clinton

George Soros is one of the leading names when it comes to the financial world. Soros makes the top of lists when it comes to investing and top net worth holders in the world. Soros is a very influential individual not only in the world of business and finance but in the world of politics as well. Politico has reported that Soros has recently donated $8 Million dollars to Clinton’s campaign. This $8 Million dollar donation has raised Hillary Clinton’s total contributions to over $41 Million dollars. This gives Clinton a great deal of financial power in her campaign over Sanders.
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In the past, George Soros has been known to be one of the most generous democratic contributors. This can be seen back in 2004 when Soros donated $20 million dollars to try to see George W. Bush be defeated. He didn’t really care who was going to be elected into office, as long as it was not Bush. This set the bar high for other contributors who normally aren’t willing to drop 8 figures on their party or candidate of choice. However, when it is needed, Soros is willing to spend the type of money that he feels is necessary for his political voice to be heard.

Soros has a voice that resonates across the globe. When Soros has something to say, people are ready to listen in the financial industry and all other industries alike. Soros has stated that there are current market conditions that are looking very similar to those right before the crash of 2008. Soros has stated that the current economic growth model in China is one that is not sustainable at its current rate. If China fails to grow over the next few years, it could be very detrimental to the global economy. It is important that individuals, business owners, and investors all look for proper ways to prepare for similar market conditions in the near future.

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