QNET Uses Social Media to Boost International Charity

Music can make a positive change in the world. This is exactly what RYTHM Foundation aims to do over a four week period. Through this new initiative, the campaign invites individuals to engage their communities and encourage them to become a part of their new exciting campaign. This campaign, the Positive Thoughts Project, centers on a platform we all know and appreciate: social media. This campaign is the creation of HomePure! How does it work? One simply leaves a positive thought as a comment on a Facebook Post. After the campaign receives 500 comments, QNET has pledged to do their part by donating HomePure RED to Taarana, a special learning needs school for children. In the event that an additional 500 comments are received during phase 2 QNET has pledged to give a HomePure RED to UAE center for disabled children, Rashid Centre. These two campaigns will give children access to pure water within regions where this resource is not readily available.

It is important to remember that only positive comments will be considered for the charity donation, and individuals can submit a maximum of 3 posts in total throughout the length of the campaign. The more comments, the more generosity. So it is important to begin commenting today. People that have fulfilled their comments quota will then need to spread the word around. This campaign is so extraordinarily easy to participate in that thousands could essentially participate! Both these special needs centers have contributed significantly to education of special needs children, but now need help to continue doing so.

QNET is known for its advanced water filtration systems. They understand that water is substantially polluted with contaminants because of industrial and environmental upset. The people who are most at risk often live in poorer areas where sewage and waste are disposed of. These types of wastes make people sick and susceptible to liver damage, cancer and other long-term health conditions. Organic contaminants such as disease-carrying microorganisms, rotten material, and animal waste can also infiltrate water systems.

Rhythm Foundation has celebrated its 28th season of outstanding entertainment in the in South Florida. It specializes in providing the best of international music, and will continue to engage the community through its festive concerts and charity events. Their focus on international music makes them especially popular at festivals and events held in South Florida. A multi-cultural state, much like California, this foundation will continue to involve itself in world-wide charity efforts.