Key Thoughts From A Shervin Pishevar Rant

Here are a few key takeaways from a recent twenty-one hour-long Twitter rant that the famous Shervin Pishevar went on. These are some of the highlights that are well worth exploring.

 Isolation Policy In The United States Is Dangerous

 The concept of isolationism in the United States has begun to gain strength with the election of Donald Trump as President. Some Americans believe that all of their woes could be solved if the country moved away from some of the trading that we do with other countries. They hold the notion that people from other countries have stolen American jobs and that overseas companies are making products much more cheaply. This kind of thinking is dangerous says Shervin Pishevar as he points to the numerous benefits that come with free trade. Keeping trade flowing is the way to continue to build a vibrant economy.

 International Is Impossible To Avoid

 Building on the first point, Shervin Pishevar also noted that it is virtually impossible to have a truly isolationist country thanks to the Internet. So much work is done away from offices these days that it is foolish to believe that there is much value to trying to shut things done in terms of our trading partners. Instead, Shervin Pishevar believes that we should try to expand our overseas opportunities as much as we can. He also thinks that we should recognize the amazing contributions that are made by entrepreneurs who continue to work hard via the Internet.

 Innovative Startups May Be Hard To Come By In America

 One final point worth noting from the tweet storm is that Pishevar feels that brand new startups in the United States may become increasingly hard to come by. He thinks that the country has favored larger corporations for such a long time at this point that it is incredibly hard for the smaller players to get started at all. He thinks that Uber and Airbnb are some of the last major unicorn startups that we will see in the United States for some time. Expect them from China and elsewhere though he says.

Shervin Pishevar Sees More Pain Before A Slow Bounce Back For The Cryptocurrency Markets

The development of the cryptocurrency markets over the last few years has been a source of major concern for many who are struggling to understand the future of Bitcoin and alt-coins. Shervin Pishevar is one of the leaders of technological development in the financial markets around the world, including the development of cryptocurrencies. Pishevar is one of the world’s leading technology investors and used a recent Tweetstorm to explain the reasons why he believes the cryptocurrency markets will fall once more before a slow rise will make a more secure set of markets.

Economic development will begin to stall as the harsh realities of the new economic future we are all experiencing will begin to be seen in full effect. Cryptocurrency markets will fail to recover as effectively as they have in the past with the volatility of the cryptocurrency markets being a major problem for the consistent development of Bitcoin. Instead of rebounding and failing again soon after, the cryptocurrency markets will see a slower, steadier rise resulting in a more impressive way of building the markets towards the future.

The crash which is predicted to arrive in the coming months by Shervin Pishevar will be combated by a turn to the gold markets by the majority of investors who will look to a more traditional source of income than cryptocurrencies. As the development of the cryptocurrency markets returns in a more stable way over the next two years, the markets will stabilize at between $2,000 and $5,000 which will provide a more consistent period of growth for all cryptocurrencies.

One of the major concerns for experts on the financial markets is the lack of division of power between the top five technology companies in the U.S. Shervin Pishevar tweeted about the problems he sees in the technology markets which are dominated by a monopoly of five major corporations made up of Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft. In the 21st-century, Shervin Pishevar believes there should be a greater division of power between the major technology companies he believes are causing development and growth to stagnate across the nation.

Flipora Is Roaring Forward in the Social Medial World

We are living in a world where social media permeates every single thing we do during the day. It is sort of funny to think about but a decade ago this sort of social media pervasion would have been deemed unheard of. Now movies have marketing campaigns geared specifically toward Twitter and Facebook. Companies have to have social media platforms in order to stay connected with their fans and if you don’t have a Facebook people start to look at you funny. All this is to say that we are living in the entrepreneurial age of social innovation. While Facebook and Instagram may rule the marketplace there is room for other companies to grow out of the shadows. One of those social media platforms is Flipora.

From InfoAxe to Flipora: An Inventive Rebranding.
Originally launched as InfoAxe, the company decided to change their name to Flipora in order to help with their online branding. Before we delve too deeply into the website, however, let’s talk about how the social media platform works and what makes it so different from other competitors. At this point in time we are probably all tired of trying to get hooked into the ‘next Facebook’. Users don’t really want another ‘fill out your profile and add your friends’ media experience. Instead they want something new, interactive, and inventive. That is where Flipora steps in.

Users who are familiar with StumbleUpon may understand what Flipora is trying to do. Flipora, like StumbleUpon, focuses on putting interesting content in front of the eyes of its users. The platform exists within your browser of choice as an extension and it integrates with your browsing experience. As you visit websites you can ‘flip’ the corner of the page to try something new. Otherwise you can go ahead with your regular browsing habits. With the extension installed your browsing habits will be downloaded and added to a massive virtual library of data. The webpages you like will correspond with someone else likes and then Flipora will start suggesting webpages from one person to the other, creating an interactive experience designed at showing more content.

Though StumbleUpon has been around for at least a decade, Flipora has been growing en masse. The company is adding almost 150,000 users every single week and they are indexing up to 20 million pages of data per day. That amount of data is 6 times the size of Wikipedia. With so much data indexed and so many users integrating the platform, the odds are good that Flipora will soon revolutionize the way that we browse and find new content. As a new world aggregator, we think that Flipora is likely to set the tone on social content sharing.