Here Come The Veggie Burgers

India has a large vegetarian population as Brian Bonar noted. Therefore it was very smart of fast food giants to catch on to that and start marketing their products towards them. Burger King released a first of its kind product in India and it was met with immense success. They released the veggie burger! Burger King thought if it had such success there, why not broaden our horizons and try it in new markets?

According to GrubStreet, the fast food chain is going to export it to other markets to see if it has success there too. Why not. India is not the only country that has large vegetarian populations. America itself has a fair share. A lot of times vegetarians have a tough time looking for fast food on the go because not a lot of places to cater to them. Therefore, it would be great if Burger King would unveil a vegetarian option.

McDonald’s and Wendy’s are a few of the other fast food giants that have had plans in the works. It doesn’t hurt for vegetarians to have options, though. There still isn’t a plan on when these veggie burgers are set to hit the markets across the United States, or which states in particular will see them. America has been looking towards healthier options, and fast food giants have been realizing that. Veggie burgers aren’t just great for vegetarian, they’re excellent options for those trying to eat a little bit healthier.

Bulletproof Yourself

Dave Asprey says his products will be meant to “upgrade the human.”

What is this magic? Bulletproof Coffee.

The new creamy-delicious beverage has already gained a huge celebrity following kick starting Asprey’s cafe. This coffee is meant to upgrade your energy by replacing your daily breakfast with a cup of bulletproof coffee. Recently Shailene Woodley, Actress, has tweeted saying bulletproof coffee was “one of the greatest of human achievements.” Actor Brandon Routh, who is currently shooting “The Flash” and “Arrow”, claims he’s converted the casts and crews to this new Bulletproof Coffee lifestyle. He say’s it has taken him to the next level “it gives me so much more energy and focus”

Dave Asprey say’s that he’s a “bio-hacker” and discovered Bulletproof Coffee when he went on a trip to Tibet to study meditation. It wasn’t his meditation practices that inspired this new drink but the yak-butter tea he had been drinking. This yak-butter tea had Asprey feeling better then before and at a very elevated height. With 15 years of bio-hacking under his belt Dave wanted to create a way to eliminate milk and sugar from his diet. With a love for coffee Dave created a bulletproof blend that was perfect; one cup of coffee with 2 tablespoons of unsalted grass-fed butter and 1 to 2 tablespoons of medium-chain triglyceride oil.

Since last year Asprey’s business has grown 700% with products at dozen’s of bulletproof coffee restaurants and cafe’s. Owner of Picnik, Naomi Seifter said they only sold the black version because no one would try the buttered version “But now the Bulletproof coffee is hands-down the biggest aspect of our business. It’s really become what we’re known for.”

Asprey is set to open his cafe “Bulletproof Coffee” this summer. The store is built and located in Santa Monica, CA, which also happens to be a huge spot for health conscious minds alike. He has also mentioned the cafe will be featuring energy supplements called Unfair Advantage. The Bulletproof Coffee website has 20 employees and a “Upgraded Self” section which features low toxin-coffee, sleeping mats, and a “Focus Brain Trainer” sensor headband.