Team Up With Product Recognition And Visual Search

Most people understand product recognition and how companies use it to identify their brand. Company logos like Coca-Cola no longer require reading any text and immediately know it is a Coke. The same thing holds true for Lego’s and even famous steakhouse chains. However, visual recognition is slightly different in that it shows real photos of products and little or no text. Let’s take a look at some of the details concerning optical response and how it improves a profit margin.

Everything humans do each day involves the five senses, and some of them act as protection mechanisms to prevent spontaneous behaviors. In the case of browsing a catalog, these senses work for and against self-satisfaction. A picture of a pair of shoes does not create a memorable taste sensation, but they do trigger comfort indicators. The person sees themselves wearing those shoes, and the next step is locating the available sizes.

A text article written about that same pair of shoes does little more than state facts, and without a photo of the product few people would buy a pair of that style. Add movement to the equation and suddenly the reader is engaged in the benefits of high top lace up boots. Especially if it is winter and the boots are shown standing in a snowdrift.

Television is all about motion, and people sit for hours watching favorite TV shows or movies they rented. The live action of television commercials allows the use of all types of props and creatures to help sell the product. From pizzas to luxurious yachts, visual impact is what it is all about. Now consider the difference in a boat sitting on the showroom floor still on its transport trailer to the thought of that same boat sitting at a dock inviting you to come aboard.

Mobile devices add the most recent venue for visual search and are well suited for the delivery due to their small screens. Webmasters learned early on in the mobile markets that a website much adhere to limitations of Smartphone screens. The result is a perfect place to implement a visual search for product recognition.

Slyce is a leader in product recognition technology and offers a Snap-to-Buy, V-Commerce, Tag & Display For Social Campaigns and Digital Conversion. Each of these features works hand-in-hand to deliver superb quality graphics, fast and easy payment methods, a means of interacting with social media to tag and share, and follow up to convert shoppers into buyers. Take a moment to investigate how these products convert dreamers into customers.