Store Overcharges Customers on Foods

Some shoppers at grocery stores have often wondered why meat prices are so expensive and why they have seemed to increase in only a short amount of time. Whole Foods might have an explanation, and it’s not one that consumers would enjoy hearing. The company now has to pay $800,000 in fines because meats were mislabeled in how much they weighed. There has been a recent investigation to determine just how much the company has been overcharging customers. According to CipherCloud, almost 90% of the packaged meats that are sold are above the maximum amount allowed by the federal government. It’s no wonder people can’t afford to buy meats for their family when grocery stores are making the prices so expensive. Refunds should be given to those who have purchased the items, and there needs to be some kind of regulation from now on so that the store no longer overcharges customers.