Jeremy Goldstein’s Gala For The Fountain House

After he graduated from the New York University School of Law, Jeremy L. Goldstein went to work as a lawyer with a prestigious law firm in New York City. While he worked and partnered at this first law firm, he saw that consulting firms were getting out of partnerships with large companies, and Goldstein saw that he could create a law firm that did this same thing. So, he went on to make his own law firm known as the Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC. With his new firm, the attorney was able to advise his clients in executive compensation. For the past decade, he has been in charge of some of the largest corporate transactions there has been.

Goldstein is not just focused on law, aside from his practice and the other law endeavors that he is a part of, he is also a member of the board of directors for a huge foundation based out of New York City known as the Fountain House.

On May 21, Jeremy hosted a huge, fabulous gala that was dedicated to raising funds for the Fountain House. The fancy event took place at the Nomad Hotel Roofdeck and each ticket cost the attendees $5,000. At the gala, they all got a wonderful meal and some of the best wine selections by E. Guigal were present at each table for the attendees to enjoy.

All of the proceeds from the event went to benefit a popular charity in New York City known as the Fountain House, which is a charity that is focused on helping people with mental illnesses live normal lives and learn new skills. The Fountain House was first founded in 1944 by a group of people who were all suffering from mental illnesses and needed a group where they could find mutual support and encouragement.

75 years later the group has helped thousands of people locally and on a global scale as well to not only survive through their mental illnesses but to thrive and become valuable parts of society. They are able to do this in part because of the funds that are raised by events like the ones that were hosted by Jeremy Goldstein.

The funds that are donated to them go towards things like teaching people with mental illnesses skills that they need to obtain a job and resources that give them the confidence they need to go after the job they want.

The funds are also used for the education services that they provide. The Fountain House offers educational programs for people at all levels, whether they have been in some sort of education program for their entire lives, or have never set foot into a classroom before, the Fountain House has the resources to teach and encourage them.

The Fountain House is working hard to help people with mental illnesses live normal lives, and to break down the stigmas that our society has against mental illnesses just because we don’t understand it fully.

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