Mark Holyoake on Proper Placement of Dedication

With all the work Mark Holyoake has put into the Icelandic seafood industry, it is surprising to see how much enthusiasm he brings to his everyday life, even when he is not feeling his best. He believes that the most important thing to consider in life is how you are presenting yourself. Part of having a happy attitude is acting as though you have a happy attitude. The expression “fake it ’till you make it” was not coined for no reason, after all. Mark Holyoake is personally quite the exhibition of this principle, as he will turn any bad day into an opportunity to conquer life.

This is what generally separates other businessmen from Mark Holyoake. While others may enjoy their job most of the time, he finds pleasure even in the unpleasant moments. His thought process at the time of deciding that this was an adjustment he needed to make was that if he can manage the worst moments in his career, the best ones will be an absolute cinch, and so will everything in between. Because of this, he has determined to work himself as hard as he is possible able. He is aware that as long as he continues to pour his talents into humanity and provide what he is capable of doing to the world, he will at least feel as though he has done his best.

Something that bothers Mark Holyoake frequently is the mentality many individuals seem to have wherein they believe that their own independent actions are entirely irrelevant. To him, this could not be further from the truth. In his eyes, everyone has the power to analyze a situation, discover what can be done to improve it, and introduce that idea in a way that generates change. It is all a matter of placement and dedication.

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