Nicolas Krafft’s Influence within L’Oreal

Nicolas Krafft is a marketing and sales executive at the huge beauty company, L’Oreal Paris. He has over a decade of experience in this industry and specific role and has been instrumental in the company’s success across three different continents. Nicolas Krafft works to drive sale numbers upwards, as well as do market research. Looking for and researching new brands is also a large part of what Nicolas Krafft does. Finally, he works to help define marketing strategies for this industry titan. While Nicolas Krafft did not walk the catwalk at the L’Oreal Autumn fashion show in 2018, he was an indispensable member of the team that worked behind the scenes to make sure that the event went smoothly.

On September 30th, 2018, L’Oreal Paris had a massive fashion show. This took place on the Seine, on a floating catwalk that was truly a spectacle to behold. This catwalk was obviously used to show off the new looks of the season, but there was also a secondary purpose for the event. It was open to the public, which is rare, as usual, high-end fashion shows are closed to the public and only available to the wealthiest members of society. Additionally, this event was attempting to highlight L’Oreal’s continued engagement with the concept of diversity and inclusivity for everyone. Still, there were tons of top industry names at this event.

The main element of this show was diversity in beauty for women, which has not always been a priority in the women’s beauty industry. The looks that were created for these women were not only diverse but also stunningly creative. The models chosen to represent the looks were also diverse and differed from the appearance of what is considered a classic model. Furthermore, several diverse names from outside the beauty and fashion worlds came to this event, lending credence to the gravity of the message. The event was also live streamed all over the world, in over 30 countries, as a further attempt by L’Oreal to make the event more inclusive to everyone who wishes to be a part of it.

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