Bulletproof Yourself

Dave Asprey says his products will be meant to “upgrade the human.”

What is this magic? Bulletproof Coffee.

The new creamy-delicious beverage has already gained a huge celebrity following kick starting Asprey’s cafe. This coffee is meant to upgrade your energy by replacing your daily breakfast with a cup of bulletproof coffee. Recently Shailene Woodley, Actress, has tweeted saying bulletproof coffee was “one of the greatest of human achievements.” Actor Brandon Routh, who is currently shooting “The Flash” and “Arrow”, claims he’s converted the casts and crews to this new Bulletproof Coffee lifestyle. He say’s it has taken him to the next level “it gives me so much more energy and focus”

Dave Asprey say’s that he’s a “bio-hacker” and discovered Bulletproof Coffee when he went on a trip to Tibet to study meditation. It wasn’t his meditation practices that inspired this new drink but the yak-butter tea he had been drinking. This yak-butter tea had Asprey feeling better then before and at a very elevated height. With 15 years of bio-hacking under his belt Dave wanted to create a way to eliminate milk and sugar from his diet. With a love for coffee Dave created a bulletproof blend that was perfect; one cup of coffee with 2 tablespoons of unsalted grass-fed butter and 1 to 2 tablespoons of medium-chain triglyceride oil.

Since last year Asprey’s business has grown 700% with products at dozen’s of bulletproof coffee restaurants and cafe’s. Owner of Picnik, Naomi Seifter said they only sold the black version because no one would try the buttered version “But now the Bulletproof coffee is hands-down the biggest aspect of our business. It’s really become what we’re known for.”

Asprey is set to open his cafe “Bulletproof Coffee” this summer. The store is built and located in Santa Monica, CA, which also happens to be a huge spot for health conscious minds alike. He has also mentioned the cafe will be featuring energy supplements called Unfair Advantage. The Bulletproof Coffee website has 20 employees and a “Upgraded Self” section which features low toxin-coffee, sleeping mats, and a “Focus Brain Trainer” sensor headband.

Too Much Salt or Too Much Soda: Depending on City You Live In

Some of us might find this bordering on the ridiculous. Salt and soda. Think about it; most of us probably over-do it when it comes to flavoring food and drinking beverages. So isn’t that our business?

Apparently, New York City and San Francisco want to make salt and soda respectively their business, because these huge cities are about to bring the hammer down on bad nutrition. Susan McGalla doesn’t really agree with that.

It’s true. New York City will now be adding a salt warning label at chain restaurants, asking you to think before indulging in foods that contain a high sodium content. Meanwhile San Francisco on the other side of the map, will begin banning sugary soda advertisements on public property.

Oh, brother.

According to NBCNews.com, New York City is already proposing that if your favorite chain restaurant item contains more than one teaspoon of salt in it, then a small symbol resembling a salt shaker will appear on the food product menu.

The feds claim that Americans are consuming too much salt which can raise blood pressure and potentially lead to stroke and heart attack.

In the city by the bay, sodas contain too much sugar and can cause health issues like diabetes and weight gain. Therefore, the assault on sugary drinks will require health warnings in San Francisco and the use of city funds to buy these sodas will be forbidden.

Suddenly craving a coke and fries!

Heart Attacks And Reflux Medications May Be Connected

Proton pump inhibitors, or PPIs, are used for prevention of gastric reflux. Common brands are Prilosec and Prevacid. These popular medications may raise the chances for having a heart attack. This came from research which included a study of close to three million people. Prior studies showed a connection with PPI use by heart disease patients. Likely, this was connected to the drug interactions between PPI use and clopidogrel, which is a drug which is prescribed post a heart attack. This new study, as reported in New York Time – Well, takes a look at the risk for heart attacks with healthy people.

Using data mining, a mathematical data analysis, PPIs were studied over time. As long ago as the year 2000, there was evidence that they increased the chances for heart attacks, which scared Gianfrancesco Genoso a little. Now that medical records are electronic, there is a greater chance for more analysis. There was no correlation between heart attack with other gastric reflux medications, which are H2 blockers, such as Zantac, Pepcid, and Tagamet. Specifically, PPIs tends to increase the chances of inflammation and blood clots. One reason to consider is that one of the study limitations is that PPI use was factored in with a less healthy patient population. They may already be prone to heart disease, based on other health issues.

Dunkin’ Donuts Seeks Next Slam Dunk

Imagine waking up on a lazy Sunday morning and being able to enjoy deliciously fresh donuts without ever having to leave home. That’s exactly the feeling that Dunkin’ Donuts CEO Nigel Travis wants to give his customers, as private testing for home delivery service has already begun. Travis states that the new mobile ordering system will be in place for public use some time in the next year. Noting trends for convenience, Travis believes that capitalizing on delivery services is going to be a beneficial strategic move. Dunkin’ Donuts is not the only business to test their foot in the waters of home delivery services. Alexei Beltyukov reports earlier this year Taco Bell announced that they too were planning on testing delivery options by the end of 2015. McDonald’s has been testing a similar idea in New York City by using a service that also helps Starbucks and Chipotle with their delivery services. Although pizza places have known this for quite some time, it seems that fast food retailers are finally understanding the value of being able to increase their marketability and reach more customers, without them every having to leave their home, and in a world where convenience often surpasses practicality, the forecast for potential profits is sure to be astronomical.

Haidar Barbouti’s Passion Ensures that Houstonians Experience the Finest Dining and Shopping

Houston based real estate developer Haidar Barbouti is responsible for developing posh areas like the Highland Village shopping center. When he was looking for a new tenant he did not want yet another unimaginative tapas bar crowding his real estate. In fact, when he could not find the ideal tenant, his passion for good food led him to opening the airy restaurant Up.

Aptly named, Up is a restaurant that overlooks the Galleria area from the third story of the shopping complex. On days when the weather allows the windows are kept open to let fresh, open air circulate through the dining area.

Barbouti insisted that Up serve real food in real portion sizes with fresh ingredients. He did not want the upper crust clientele to be paying to look at a plate that was artfully designed or painted with a vinaigrette based dressing. Barbouti points out that much of trendy dining is a sham when customers are served a few morsels strategically placed on a plate. He did not want his patrons to leave the restaurant famished to the point that that they would succumb to visiting a fast food drive thru afterwards. Instead Barbouti had a idea that turned the foodie world upside down, he wanted people to eat portions that would leave them full.

Recalling that the best food was always the food that your grandmother made, food that was real and made with love, Barbouti set out to fill a tall order. He insisted that Up make everything fresh, with the only exception being the ketchup. Originally Up even made fresh ketchup, but people kept asking for Heinz, so Barbouti gave the people what they wanted. To this day, Barbouti always eats at his restaurant when he is in Houston, because he wants to be fully aware of what his restaurant is serving. Once he found two jars of pre peeled garlic and tossed them out, demanding to know who had ordered the peeled garlic. He reminded the kitchen staff that only fresh garlic was to be used in Up’s dishes.

Haidar Barbouti is passionate about food and developing real estate. His efforts have yielded areas that are flourishing and the most sought after shopping, cultural and dining experiences in Houston. Much of Barbouti’s success is attributed to knowing what his clientele wants and making sure that their desires are met. Haidar Barbouti has served the Houston area for over twenty years; his longevity in the Houston market stems from knowing what makes his clients happy.