Randal Nardone Incredible Dedication to the Success of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone has a great name in the financial industry. He is the co-founder of the famous Fortress Investment Group. Nardone holds the position of the CEO in the firm. In its initial stage, he used to be the principal, but he was promoted gradually due to his outstanding leadership and management skills. Fortress is a great financial management firm and is among the largest in the country. It was established in New York in1998 by Randal Nardone and his colleges Wes Edens. Its headquarters are in Manhattan. He rose to the CEO post in 2013 after serving as an interim CEO. Fortress has attained tremendous success such that it got the attention of SoftBank Group, a Japanese Holding firm with its multi-national headquarters in Tokyo. For more information about Randal Nardone, view his Crunchbase profile.

Fortress manages industry-specific investor’s pools and private equity funds. SoftBank was impressed with some of those pools as it discovered their high potential for growth and expansion. SoftBank had most clients in Asia and the Middle East. Fortress works with more than 1700 clients and several private investors. They deal with various fields that include telecommunication, real estate, and credit. They offer excellent investment services and strategies. SoftBank acquired Fortress for 3.3 billion US Dollars cash price. They retained Randal Nardone position since they had confidence in him. According to Randal Nardone, the acquisition was an incredible achievement as they got many clients from Asia. The other benefit was that Fortress was operating as an independent firm within SoftBank. This implies that Fortress operations were not affected in any way.

Fortress Investment Group tremendously prospered in the early 2000s and became famous. The success earned Randal Nardone a great name, and finally, he became position 557 in the Forbes Billionaire list. Nardone has attained vast experience and incredible skills in his many years of service in the firm. He is also a holder of Doctors in Jurisprudence degree that he attained from Boston University School of Law. Nardone initially used to practice law before joining the financial industry. However, he developed some interest in entrepreneurship in the course of his career and finally ended up joining the financial sector.

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