Trans Fats Cause More Than Just Physical Harm

It would be hard to find a person today who doesn’t know that trans fatty acids, or trans fats for short, are bad for them. We know that eating the types of foods that contain them, such as fast food burgers and certain pastries, can make us fat and possibly raise our cholesterol as well. What fewer of us know is the negative effect of foods containing such ingredients on our mind and our emotional well being says Shaygan Kheradpir in this study. Our state of mind throughout the day is extremely important because if we are feeling depressed we are not going to be getting as much done, and it can also affect our relationships.

It is this negative impact on the mind and emotions that researchers at San Diego State University looked intowhen they studied information on nearly 5,000 individuals whose trans fat intake and emotional state were tracked. They found that those who ate more fast food had a harder time assessing their own emotional state and had greater difficulty controlling their emotions and those who ate healthier had the opposite outcome. Aggressiveness has also been linked to trans fat consumption according to another study on the subject. Our mental state has such a profound effect on how we live our lives and whether we accomplish our goals. The FDA is banning trans fats in the U.S., and this will undoubtedly translate into better health over the long term both physically and mentally for millions of people.

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