Zeco Auriemo on What it takes to be Successful in the Real Estate Business

Zeco Auriemo serves as the team leader of JHSF, which is a real estate organization situated in Brazil. The organization majors in the development and sales of real estate properties. Under the guidance of Mr. Auriemo, the company has delved into a different route by investing in various departments within the real estate sector. When Zeco Auriemo first became a member of the team, he convinced it to put its resources in the parking lot business. He took charge of the business. Since then, Zeco has steered the organization into major riskier but rewarding ventures.

Around the same time, Brazil opened its doors to the establishment of malls in the country. Seeing this, Zeco Auriemo delved into the investment of several shopping malls. One of the malls was Cidade Jardim. He also delved into the development of the housing department and luxury malls. As such, Zeco Auriemo took up challenges in various departments of the real estate department. He invested in residential as well as commercial sectors over the years of operating the company. Consequently, the shopping mall took over the industry as one of the best shopping malls in the country. The designers in charge of its operation incorporated gyms, commercial buildings, and luxury stores within. A movie theater was also designed in the mall.

JHSF was started by two brothers who had vast experience in business and real estate management. The organization mainly focused on the creation of real estate ventures since its inception. In 1990, the brothers split their departments into two main operational sectors. Fabio took over the main control of the real estate sector. Roberto took over JHSJ. Today, the organization has expanded its horizons into a major shopping center segment. JHSF has since negotiated for the development of Shopping Santa Cruz. Zeco is focused on implementing new operational structures for the company.

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