It’s Jeunesse Global Again, the Honoree of 2019 American Business Awards

This year, Jeunesse Global has shined once more as the best company with excellent executive team and producer of safe health products. In the celebration of Jeunesse achievement, the company was highly appreciated in the American Business Awards, taking home dozens of Stevie® awards. Among the exceptional departments that were awarded included the company’s executive management team, sales and distribution department, information technology team, and non-profiting foundation.

This being the fourth consecutive year for Jeunesse to maintain consistent outstanding performance, the firm was treasured with 12 prizes which among them were five gold, three silver, and four bronze. Below are some areas and personnel who were recognized;

  • Chief Visionary Officer, Scott Lewis, was awarded as the maverick of the year in production and marketing of consumer products.
  • IT department was recognized as the best team of the year award
  • Jmobile, a newly launched company’s business app – with productivity App award of the year
  • Jeunesse marketing department was recognized as the best team of the year in sales and production

According to Chief Visionary Officer, Scottish Lewis remarks, the year to year awards was a significant reflection of a real family that is united as ‘one house and one company, ʹ a philosophy that defines the company’s culture. He also praised the collective effort instilled by the company’s family of distributors, executive members, and the whole team of employees as it was through their power that kept the company propelling forward to success. Lastly, he also recognized the involved judges for identifying Jeunesse Global exceptional hard work and dedication in serving and transforming the lives of the people.

More About Jeunesse Global

Jeunesse Global is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of skincare and nutritional supplements The company’s mission is to help people who wish to maintain and retain a youthful look as well as empowering them with capabilities to unleash their potential. In an attempt to increase its service accessibility, the company has established 34 fully operational offices and has a firm market link in over 145 countries across the globe.

Sergey Petrossov and the Incredible JetSmarter




An app was created six years ago called JetSmarter by Sergey Petrossov. The app has received a lot of attention because it was totally changed the charter flight industry for the better. Prior to the creation of this app, the process of booking a flight on a charter jet was very tedious. You would need to go to an office in person. This was very inconvenient for busy people who need to fly on a private plane. Sergey was hired by a company that chartered private planes to do some consulting work. It was during this period of time that Sergey became aware of the many problems that were involved when a person wanted to book a flight.

Sergey Petrossov then set out to find a way to solve these issues. He knew that there might be a way for him to do it with the technology available in smartphone apps. He got to work designing an app that would be able to give the users a quick and easy experience when they needed to charter a private jet in a hurry. The first thing he needed to do is give the user options regarding which charter service he was going to use. The user would be able to start the app and see all of the various charter jet services that are available in his or her area.

Sergey Petrossov then needed to have his app display all of the relevant info about all of the charter jet companies that were listed on his app. For example, he needed to have all of the amenities that each flight would contain. What is the pricing structure of each company? How long would it take to fly to the customer’s desired destination? What is the earliest possible departure time? All of this info is easily accessed on the app.

Every major company that charters private planes is now associated with the JetSmarter app. These companies know how popular this app has become. Therefore, they all want to be associated with it. Their business has increased since the app was created.